Backpackers Travel Guide Thailand and Laos


Traveling Tips that save money

Every Backpacker likes to stick to a budget and save money so they can get the most out of their journey. We have put some of the best Travel Tips together to help you save money while you travel in Thailand. 

Backpacker Hostels in Thailand

Backpackers hostels are the cheapest option for accommodation when traveling on a budget. Check out our Thailand Hostel page to find the best deals and offers in Thailand. 

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Transfers by Rail and Bus

Traveling in Thailand can be great fun and there are so many ways you can travel within the country, however some methods are more expensive than others. That's why Siam Without Borders have created a Transport guide to make sure your choose the correct transport and save you money. 

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Backpacker Tours and Attractions

Siam Without Borders sell 1,000's of Tickets for Tours and Attractions in Thailand at the best possible rates. Visit our Attractions page to see our specials deals for Backpackers on a budget. 

Scams and Awareness

Awareness is always important, no matter where you travel around the world you always need to take care and be aware of  any dangers. We want you to have a safe and enjoyable journey around Thailand so we have put some top tips and advice together to keep you safe and well on your journey.  

Free Visa Advice

If you are traveling around South East Asia and you have multiple destinations on you list, you may want to check out our Free Visa advice to make sure you obtain the correct visa in Thailand. 

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