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Our Thailand page and Travel blog will guide you with the best advice to make sure your short or long term stay in Thailand is made possible and hassle free. We cover all aspects of traveling from visiting on holiday to living long term in Thailand.

Thailand Travel Topics that we cover:

  • Visas and border crossings
  • Money and banking
  • Accommodation
  • Traveling and transport
  • Local awareness and scams
  • Exclusive Holidays and backpackers travel packages

The Kingdom of Thailand once known as Siam during the 17 -19th century is now one of the most visited places for travelers, retirees and family's. Traveling and living in Thailand is an amazing experience but only if you know what to expect and you learn how to avoid the pitfalls.

My personal experiences of living in Thailand have been fun but also proven to be difficult at times. From the age of 21 years old I decided to pack up from the UK and move to the Old Kingdom of Siam. During my time in Thailand I started off on the wrong path. I had everything totally wrong from the incorrect visa type, to falling for scams. These events nearly cost me my life. During this time I have learnt vast amounts of useful information which I have chosen to share in our Thai Travel Blog. You will find guidance on topics such long term visas, border crossings, scams and much more..... CLICK TO VISIT OUR BLOG

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